December 19, 2019

Just as it starts getting cold out for the holiday season, people begin to make their homes cozy and inviting for guests. While the temperature you usually set your thermostat at is comfortable, a house full of guests can quickly become too warm. Here are some tips to consider when heating your home during the holidays.

Schedule a Visit From an HVAC Professional

You should have an HVAC specialist inspect your heating system before the holidays begin. They will ensure your system is operating efficiently and effectively. A tune-up of your system can result in lower energy bills and less likelihood of needing an expensive repair or having your furnace breakdown. They can also inspect your ductwork for leaks and clean it.

Replace Your Furnace Filter

You should inspect your filter monthly and replace it every few months as needed. This will result in clean air for your guests.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Many ceiling fans have a reverse setting for colder months. This setting pushes warm air down to where your guests are and will reduce your heating costs.

Lower the Temperature

People give off body heat, warming a home. If you are expecting a lot of guests over you should reduce the temperature by one to two degrees. This will make your home more comfortable and prevent a situation where you need to turn down the thermostat.

Cook What You Can Before Guests Arrive

Cooking also heats a home. To prevent your home from getting too hot, cook what you can before people arrive at your home.

HVAC Specialist to Call

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