July 10, 2020

Many homeowners control the temperature in their homes by manually adjusting thermostats that regulate their air conditioning and heating systems. If you have an automated thermostat, you will enjoy setting temperatures for different times of a day. That means you do not have to turn any dial from the unit’s panel to adjust the temperature according to your needs. Instead, you can command your HVAC unit to turn off or on from an application on a mobile gadget.

Your automated thermostat will not only regulate the temperature in your home, but it will also show you the duration it’ll take to make the changes you requested. Furthermore, you can also keep track of how much you are spending on heating and cooling costs. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy after switching to an automated thermostat.

1. It Lowers Your Energy Bills

One of the biggest benefits offered by automated thermostats is saving on energy costs. Energy costs continue to skyrocket in every part of the globe, and one of the best ways to combat that is to try to minimize your energy usage. However, with automated thermostats, you can precisely regulate the temperature in your home to suit your comfort.

For each degree you lower or raise your home’s temperature during winter or summer, you can save a maximum of 2% on your energy bill. For instance, you do not have to keep your heat or air conditioning system high when you are not at home. You can develop a schedule that follows the routine of your family to avoid wasting energy. You can keep the temperatures warm or cool when you are at home and ease up using power when you are away from your home.

2. It Uses High-Tech Tools and Features

Most automated thermostats come with a wide array of technological tools and functions, including Wi-Fi capability and the ability to control your smart thermostat with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Having a programmable thermostat that’s linked to your home’s network can assist you in creating a connected home that you can easily control virtually from any place, including the comfort of your favorite couch. If you are on vacation or a business trip and you realize there is an unusually cold or warm day back at home, you can easily regulate the temperature of your thermostat from your gadget.

3. It Maintains a Constant Temperature in Your Home

The other advantage of automated thermostats is their capacity to maintain the ideal constant temperature in all parts of your home. Rather than setting your HVAC system high during summer, an automated thermostat can operate at a steady level. When the weather is cold, your heat can remain constant because it follows the programmed temperature schedule you’ve set for your home. With programmable thermostats, you can avoid cold and hot spots in various parts of your home, and your family can enjoy a cozy home throughout the year.

4. It Is Easy and Quick to Adjust

A manual thermostat takes some practice and a lot of time to read through the many steps of setting temperatures for different times. You will have to go to your wall unit to make some adjustments every time you leave your house, which is a practice most people neglect in the first place. You will also have to readjust the thermostat whenever you return home, once you wake up in the morning, and when going off to bed.

Homeowners can spend less time regulating their thermostats with an automated version. Using automated thermostats can eliminate all the time that you spend adjusting your manual unit. You can set your schedule one time every season and forget about the device. That will help you focus on other important things in your home or life.

5. It Reduces Your Air Conditioner’s Wear and Tear

Without an air conditioning system, it might be almost impossible to keep your residence cold during the summer or warm during winter. However, as your HVAC ages, its efficiency will most likely decrease, making your residence less comfortable while also increasing your energy bills. The best way to optimize your air conditioner’s performance and to minimize its wear and tear over time is by installing a programmable thermostat.

An automated thermostat helps decrease your air conditioner’s typical workload, which prevents severe damage and assists in optimizing efficiency. While every air conditioner can benefit from an automated thermostat, these options are particularly beneficial for older units. If your HVAC unit is not efficient or is older, before you can get another one, you can try to help it do its job better by pairing it with an automated thermostat.

6. It Maximizes Zoned Cooling and Heating in Your Home

An automated thermostat can also help keep your home running well if you have multiple climate zones in your residence. Having different climate zones around your home can significantly increase your property’s energy efficiency. An automated thermostat allows you to customize each temperature and climate throughout your residence’s square footage using programmable controls in every zone.

7. It Allows You to Take Advantage of Different Times During the Day

The other benefit of having an automated thermostat is that it will enable you to take advantage of the temperature variations based on the season and the sun’s position as well as the different times during the day. Once the afternoon or morning sun begins to heat your residence during the summer, you can change your cooling schedule.

Similarly, during the winter season, you can minimize your heating energy and allow the sun’s warmth to take over some of your furnace’s warming duties. During cold nights in winter, you can boost the HVAC system’s heating energy to keep your home warm and comfortable.

8. It Increases the Efficiency of Your Home

Keeping your residence energy efficient is one of the major problems that every homeowner thinks about when the seasons change. An energy-efficient residence uses the available resources more effectively and does not cause a lot of wear and tear to major household systems and appliances. Your home should not contribute to adverse environmental impacts and energy wastage, and using an automated thermostat is one of the ways you can help control your waste.


As you can see, having an automated thermostat for your heating and cooling needs might be one of your home’s most cost-efficient investments. You can enjoy the benefit of additional energy savings that might reflect in a reduced utility bill. Apart from the money savings, an automated thermostat can assist you in maintaining the best and most comfortable environment in your interior spaces.

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