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Select “Mode” and tap it until it says “Cool”

Make sure you select the mode to “Cool” then set the temperature DOWN to make it colder.

First, try flipping the breakers on and off. If this doesn’t work, check your filters.

Call us at Beltway Air Conditioning and we will send out a technician to diagnose the issue.

If it’s the first time you turned it on, its just dust burning off or it’s the blower motor.

Get a professional. If you cross 2 wires by mistake you’ll be buying a new system.

Changing the filter, bleaching the drain and washing the condenser

Make sure the arrow on the filter is pointing toward the unit itself

Use simple green and wash it off lightly. Do NOT use high water pressure.

The AC drain has stagnant water sitting inside of it that turns into sludge.

$150-$200 a year.

Two checks a year, ½ off on all parts and labor, credits to your new system.

90% of the time they are the same thing. The only thing that may very is if they include an add of refrigerant. We prefer maintenance over tune up because if it’s a tune up with refrigerant, then the cost of the refrigerant is built into the price.