Oil to Gas Conversion Furnaces

Oil To Gas ConversionFor many years, oil was the leading home heating fuel. Today, about 20 percent of residents still rely on oil to keep their homes comfortable during our frigid winter months, even as advances in technology increase the efficiency of new gas furnaces being produced.

However, for those who want a cleaner, more affordable, and more reliable way to heat their homes, oil to gas conversion is the answer. Adding to the value of natural gas heat is the cutting edge technology incorporated into today’s gas furnaces. These systems are state-of-the-art and save you from higher energy costs while performing much more efficiently and reliably than oil. It’s better for your wallet and the environment to make the changeover.

Switching your home heating fuel from oil to more efficient natural gas is easy when you trust the HVAC professionals residents have turned to since 2015, Beltway Air Conditioning & Heating. At Beltway Air Conditioning & Heating, we are experienced in home comfort.

Why Oil to Gas Conversion?

There are many reasons natural gas is the preferred heating fuel over oil when it comes to home furnaces. Oil doesn’t burn as completely as gas, meaning wasted fuel, and the nasty residue is left behind. Over time, this residue can build up, creating a trap for dust and debris all over your home.

Oil must be stored, so you need a tank in your yard in which to keep your supply. You also need to rely on the delivery of your heating fuel. Natural gas automatically comes into your home via your natural gas provider. In many communities, that provider will offer incentives for oil to gas conversion, making the hook up very affordable.

Finally, oil furnaces, because of the residue by-product of heating oil, must be cleaned and maintained regularly, at your expense. Cleaning promotes efficiency and reliability. Cleaning may be needed every few months during very cold weather.

Converting Oil Furnaces to Gas Furnaces

Your initial investment with oil to gas conversion may seem costly but will prove more affordable in the long run. A new home heating system can be one of the biggest purchases a homeowner will ever make. But, because natural gas is a more economical fuel option, and because your new gas furnace will be far more energy-wise than your old oil heating system, your return on investment will be immediate.

Oil to gas conversion requires a professional. Don’t trust your home’s heating system to just anyone. Beltway Air Conditioning & Heating has the experience and expertise to make sure your oil to gas conversion is easy and efficient. You’ll love your new gas furnace when you choose us for oil to gas conversion!

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