Cooling Maintenance:

  • Check Outdoor Coil Condition Clean Outdoor Coil with Water Check Outdoor Fan Blades
  • Check Electrical Connections Tighten Electrical Connections Check Amp Draw on Outdoor Fan Motor
  • Check Amp Draw on Compressor Check Mega Ohm Readings
  • Check High-side Compressor Pressure
  • Check Low-side Compressor
  • Pressure
  • Check Subcooling/superheat For Proper Refrigerant Charge
  • Tighten Service Caps
  • Clean Debris from Outdoor Unit Check Capacitor
  • Check Control Board
  • Check Contactor
  • Check Drain for Blockages
  • Check Condensate Pump
  • Lubricate all motors and check

Heating Maintenance:

  • Check T-stat Calibration and Operation Check Furnace Filter
  • Check for Proper Ignition
  • Clean & Check Burners (As Required) Clean & Check Pilot Assembly (When Applicable)
  • Check Flame Sensor Reading
  • Check Ignitor Resistance
  • Check & Adjust Gas Pressure
  • Check for Proper Temperature Rise Check Draft Fan Operation & Amp Draw Check Pressure Switch for Proper Operation Check All Safety Controls
  • Check Blower Motor & Blower Capacitor Clean Cabinets & Outside of Unit
  • Secure All Electrical Connections
  • Check Flue for Obstructions/Clean Drain Lines Inspect Heat Exchanger for Cracks or Corrosion
  • Check Carbon Monoxide in Exhaust Check Exhaust Outside for Obstructions Duct & Dryer Vent Inspection
  • Water Heater Inspection

Here is a chart to compare your vehicle to your HVAC system:

Time Car/Vehicle HVAC Maintenance
6 Months Inspection/Oil Change First Preventative Maintenance Check
1 Year Tire Rotation/Balance Blow Out Drain
4 Years Brake Inspection Outdoor Coil Cleaning
5 Years Transmission Fluid Flush Duct Cleaning/Duct Pressure Test
6 Years New Belts Blower and Inducer Coil Clean
8 Years Coolant Flush Capacitor Replacement
10 Years Spark Plugs Contactor Replacement
Average care for your vehicle per decade: $4,500

Average care for your HVAC system per decade: $4,000

If you take care of your HVAC system, your HVAC system will take care of your home’s comfort!

Average life span? Easy! Who knows if you never get it serviced.
HVAC systems will last almost twice as long and be more energy efficient if they are taken care of routinely.

What’s Included in the Juuust Right service club?

  • Bi-Annual Check & Clean
  • Priority Service
  • 10% off all repairs and services
  • Extended warranties
  • Loyalty credit

Why is it called the Juuust Right service club?

What’s included during maintenance:

  • We clean outdoor coils with water by removing the top and back flushing
  • We clean the indoor coils by brushing off the surface dirt
  • We clean the blower motor and blower wheel by brushing off the surface dirt
  • We clean and flush the condensate drain and/or condensate pump
  • Wiping down indoor and outdoor units with custom cleaner/wax to make the system shine as well as not be faded quickly by the sun
  • We will clean any debris away from the outdoor and indoor unit
What’s not included during maintenance:

Any and all chemical cleanings are not covered or performed during the bi-annual check and clean. For example, if the outdoor coil is so clogged and dirty that water alone is not enough to clean it and we have to use a chemical cleaner, this will not be covered within the contract.

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