May 10, 2023
AC maintenance in Hanover, MD

If the air conditioner in your Hanover, MD home ever malfunctions or fails, it could be costly to repair or replace. However, if you have an active manufacturer warranty, you may be able to sidestep the cost of repairs entirely. In most cases, to ensure that warranty protection is always available, you must schedule regular AC service with a licensed professional. Read on to find out why and to learn more about keeping your warranty valid.

Air Conditioner Warranties Are Two-Party Agreements

Equipment warranties are easy to overlook. Whenever you receive one with a purchase, you may simply tuck the related documentation away until you need to file a claim. However, product warranties aren’t just promises and provisions from manufacturers to consumers. Instead, they are mutually binding agreements. Just as they list the warranty protections offered by the manufacturer, these contracts also lay out the terms and conditions that consumers must adhere to.

Many air conditioning equipment manufacturers require a professional tune-up every 12 months to keep the equipment warranty active. Homeowners are often advised to schedule their annual AC maintenance just prior to the warm weather to optimize the benefits of this service. When you read through your warranty documents, you’ll likely find that your air conditioner manufacturer has strict guidelines for filter changes, HVAC air duct maintenance, and other preventative maintenance tasks.

Other Warranties Requiring Annual AC Service

Scheduling annual air conditioner maintenance isn’t just necessary for preserving your AC manufacturer warranty. These services are also a common requirement in home insurance policies and home service agreements. If you purchased a home warranty that covers your HVAC system, your home warranty company could request documented evidence of yearly tune-ups when processing your claims. Many home insurance companies make similar requests. Home warranty providers and insurance companies can deny claims outright if AC inspections uncover proof of general neglect.

Understanding Your Warranty Coverage

Product manufacturer warranties cover AC repair and replacement costs when air conditioner problems result from substandard manufacturing practices or defective materials. Home insurance plans may pay for air conditioner problems resulting from floods, lightning strikes, fires, and other covered perils.

If you have an older air conditioner, a home warranty agreement may cover age-related issues. It might even cover the entire replacement cost when your air conditioner reaches the end of its lifespan. Together, these three protections can help you avoid overwhelming out-of-pocket spending throughout the lifetime of your cooling system. Thus, paying for an annual tune-up service to maintain compliance with these agreements is worth the cost.

How Product Manufacturers Know When Annual AC Service Has Been Skipped

Professional AC tune-up service is a strategic requirement for insurance companies and warranty issuers. After all, annual AC maintenance is the best way to reduce the likelihood of claims. Air conditioners that are professionally maintained have few to no airflow issues, perform more efficiently, and sustain much less wear and tear than ill-maintained cooling systems. All of this leads to a longer lifespan for the system.

Having to file frequent claims with home service companies, product manufacturers, or home insurance companies is often an indication of insufficient maintenance. If you have a relatively new air conditioner and have two repair issues during the same cooling season, your warranty issuer will probably request a copy of your maintenance records. In fact, each time you file a claim, there is always the likelihood of having companies request this documentation.

Even when presenting maintenance records isn’t a requirement for claim processing, warranty issuers and home insurance companies still have ways of verifying that homeowners have been compliant. When approving payment for warranty repairs or covered replacements, the notes that HVAC service providers supply are carefully reviewed. If the HVAC company that performs your AC repair discovers a thick build-up of lint-like debris on your air filter, in your HVAC air ducts, or in your home’s air vents, they will report this information as required. Conditions like these develop and fester when homeowners fail to change the filter often enough and aren’t scheduling regular tune-ups with a professional HVAC technician.

Other Common Situations That Void AC Warranties

Reading and understanding your warranty agreements completely is the best way to keep their available protections intact. Not only do these documents detail the exact requirements for equipment maintenance, but they also help consumers avoid common and incredibly costly missteps. Other conditions that insurance companies and warranty issuers require may include:

  • Licensed HVAC companies to install all AC equipment
  • Air conditioners to be sized properly for their service areas
  • All system repairs to be performed by licensed HVAC professionals

You may even discover that making equipment upgrades, performing repairs with generic parts, and adding certain integrated accessories require special permissions. Many equipment modifications are outright prohibited by these contracts.

One all-too-common mistake homeowners make is letting minor AC problems fester before scheduling repair service. This could be as simple as ignoring strange sounds or odors while your air conditioner is on, neglecting to report hot or cold spots in your home, or continuing to use your air conditioner even though it’s rapidly cycling off and on.

How to Avoid Out-of-Pocket Expense for Annual AC Tune-Up

The good news is that annual AC tune-up service might not require any out-of-pocket spending on your end. For instance, if you have a home service agreement, this plan could cover the cost of one annual service visit. Your home insurance plan might also cover a yearly tune-up.

Cut Costs With an HVAC Preventative Maintenance Plan

Another way to cut the costs of mandatory AC service is by investing in a preventative maintenance plan. These annual plans often include free service visits, priority scheduling, and discounts on equipment repairs. At Beltway Air Conditioning & Heating, our preventative maintenance program includes loyalty credits, priority service, a bi-annual check-and-clean service, and up to 15% off most AC repairs. Best of all, our clients can book service online and pair these discounts with our coupons and other seasonal savings.

A preventative maintenance plan makes getting regular tune-up service and timely repairs much cheaper. It will also make it easier to stay compliant with warranties and home insurance policies. When you join our service club, you will get early reminders when the time to schedule service is drawing near. You can also work with us to track the lifespan of your cooling equipment and make advanced preparations for replacement before you need a new AC system.

At Beltway Air Conditioning & Heating, we are proud to serve the residents of Hanover, MD and the surrounding areas. In addition to furnace, heat pump, and air conditioner services, we also offer custom ductwork, whole-house humidifiers, and advanced indoor air quality solutions. Our experts will help you navigate the world of warranties to determine which HVAC products suit your needs. To schedule your annual air conditioner tune-up service or learn more about our preventative maintenance plan, get in touch with Beltway Air Conditioning & Heating today!

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