October 13, 2023
Reasons to Replace Your Ductwork

A home’s ductwork usually lasts for 10 to 15 years. After that, the quality may start to suffer, and it might be time to replace the ducts. Of course, your ductwork is mostly tucked out of sight. Since you may not see problems with your own eyes, you may wonder if duct replacement is really necessary. Even still, there are multiple benefits to putting in new ducts. Once you learn all of the good things that updated ductwork can do for your home, you may be eager to schedule an appointment for ductwork replacement.

Improved Air Quality

Ductwork tends to harbor dust. Pollen, pet dander, and other particles may gather there too. The longer your ductwork goes without cleaning, the more buildup there may be.

As air flows through the ducts, it may pick up dust and carry it throughout your home. You are then likely to breathe in those particles. Dusty air can lead to respiratory symptoms, such as a cough and a runny nose. This can be especially problematic for people with allergies or asthma.

Dusty air doesn’t just affect your health. It can also cause dust to settle on surfaces. You may find that you need to clean your shelves and furniture more often than before.

When you install replacement ductwork, you’ll be starting fresh and new. There won’t be nearly as much dust picked up as air flows through your ductwork. Then, to keep your new ducts and your air as dust-free as possible, make professional duct cleaning a priority. You may want to schedule a cleaning appointment once every three years.

Consistent Temperatures Throughout Your Home

If you have a duct with a problem, your home may start to show it. Air doesn’t flow well through bent or kinked ducts. When there are leaks in your ducts, climate-controlled air escapes before reaching its destination.

Then, your rooms end up without the full delivery of air that they are supposed to have. If your room is hot, it may stay hot. If it’s chilly, it may stay chilly. Your comfort could be compromised. Other rooms in your house, though, could be perfectly fine. That’s a key sign that you have a ductwork problem at play, rather than a broken furnace or air conditioner.

Replacing your ductwork should eliminate the uneven heating and cooling in your home. Each room will, once again, receive a strong supply of air from the HVAC system.

Savings on Power Bills

Leaky ducts waste money. You’re paying for the energy to warm or cool your air, but much of that air isn’t reaching its destination. Instead, it’s escaping before it arrives.

Your furnace or air conditioner must keep running to hit the temperature setting on your thermostat. Yes, your rooms will reach that temperature eventually, but it will take longer than it would have with non-leaky ducts. Your power bill will reflect the excess energy that was spent in pursuit of the perfect temperature.

Instead of wasting money throughout the year, consider the one-time expense of replacing your ductwork. You may be glad to see the difference in your electricity or natural gas bills.

Quieter HVAC Operation

Old ducts can be loud. It goes beyond the quiet hum of a running furnace or the noticeable (yet manageable) sound of the system kicking on; noisy old ductwork can be downright annoying. Loose or broken joints cause loud rattling sounds as air flows through the ducts. Banging and clanging are other common sounds produced by broken duct joints.

Some duct leaks are silent. Not all of them are, though. As air escapes through a hole in a duct, you may detect a whistling sound. There doesn’t even have to be actual damage for old ductwork to make loud noises. Dirt buildup can be another culprit. As the flowing air pushes the debris, it may cause buzzes or rattles inside the ducts.

Don’t let loud ductwork rob you of your peace. If you’re ready to have a quieter house, look into replacing your ductwork.

Fresher Smells

Dust isn’t the only foreign substance that may be hiding in your ductwork. There could be mold or mildew growing there as well. It is rather common for condensation to develop inside the ducts. This happens when there is a significant temperature difference between the air inside a duct and the air surrounding it.

Ducts that run through the attic can be particularly prone to this issue. Attics may be short on insulation, and the temperatures there can be extreme compared to elsewhere in the house.

Condensation creates a damp environment. That makes ductwork an ideal habitat for fungi. Like dust, mold and mildew can trigger respiratory symptoms. They don’t smell great either. You may notice that a musty odor has settled over your house. Even if you don’t detect it, visitors to your home may pick up on the scent right away. Putting in new ductwork could make your home a more pleasant and inviting place to be.

Fewer Critters

The thought of mold and mildew living in your ducts can be unpleasant, but the thought of creepy-crawlies in there may be even worse. Unfortunately, old ductwork could be home to all sorts of critters. They can enter through gaps and holes, settle in, and start to breed. There could be bugs or rodents or both living in your ducts.

Living creatures in your ductwork can cause all sorts of problems. Rodents may spread germs throughout your house. Droppings and insect remains can compromise your air quality. Animals are unlikely to respect your quiet hours and might make noise at any time of day or night. Their nests can even block the flow of air, which will reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

When the old ductwork comes out, so will the critters. The new ductwork will have strong joints and no holes, so a new round of bugs and mice won’t make their way back inside.

Reduced Chance of a Major Problem

Old ductwork is prone to issues. Plastic and fiberglass are common ductwork materials, and they can break down over time. An older ductwork system may easily become tangled or develop a kink. It could spring a leak or end up with a substantial hole. Whatever the issue, you could end up with restricted airflow and wasted energy output.

Instead of waiting for a big problem to arise, be proactive about replacing your ductwork. You might be able to avoid an issue that leaves you with weak or inefficient heating and cooling in one or more areas of your house.

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