January 20, 2023
Indoor Air Quality in Arbutus, MD

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can be two to five times as contaminated as the air outside. This is a big concern because Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. If you are concerned about the quality of the air in your house, air purifiers are an excellent solution. Here are 13 reasons you need to invest in one for your home.

1. Prevent Asthma Attacks

People living with asthma have irritated bronchial passages. When dust mites, pollen, or pet dander irritate their airways, it makes it harder for them to breathe.

Numerous cat and dog breeds shed year-round. These animals spread a great deal of fur and dander into the air when they scratch themselves. Even if you don’t have pets, other asthma triggers, such as dust mites and pollen, exist.

Pollen particles are carried in by the breeze via open windows or attach to your clothing when you go outside. Dust mites, which thrive in humid environments, are the most widespread indoor allergens. The lack of fresh air raises interior humidity levels, creating an ideal breeding habitat for dust mites.

Invest in an air purifier with HEPA filters that will trap all of these contaminants and provide you with clean air to breathe. HEPA filters are made up of multi-layered meshes with tiny, hair-thin fiberglass threads. These meshes catch pet dander, dust mites, and pollen floating about in your indoor atmosphere, allowing you to breathe clean air.

2. Improve Sleep

In addition to aggravating asthma, allergens can cause various issues in those without asthma. Common allergy symptoms include frequent sneezing, coughing, nasal congestion, sore throat, and watery eyes, which can interrupt your sleep.

Inadequate sleep promotes daytime drowsiness, which reduces productivity the next day. To prevent these sleep interruptions, utilize HEPA air purifiers to filter out the majority of allergens in your room. You’ll sleep better at night when the air is cleaner.

3. Have a Cleaner Home

You could find yourself dusting more often than you’d like if the quality of the air within your home is poor. In that situation, you’ll need to get an air purifier. With consistent use of an air purifier, the amount of airborne dust will reduce, meaning less dust will accumulate on your counters and furniture. You’ll be able to put the duster away and unwind in your house while breathing in the fresher air.

4. Reduce the Likelihood of Airborne Illnesses

Airborne infections like the flu and common cold are spread by microscopic bacteria that float around your indoor atmosphere. When one household member has the flu, it is not unusual for the rest of the family to become ill as well. This occurs because everybody is inhaling the same air, which is contaminated with germs and viruses.

Air purifiers, particularly those with HEPA filters, can capture particulates containing these germs and viruses. When you eliminate the source of airborne infections, you protect yourself and your household from them. Air purifiers are essential if you live with the elderly, children, or anybody with a compromised immune system.

5. Remove Unpleasant Smells

Some chemicals, like formaldehyde, benzene, and gasoline, degrade at room temperature and emit an odor. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as they are often known, are found commonly in aerosol sprays, paints, upholstered furniture, and air fresheners. VOC odors can produce nausea, shortness of breath, and even impair cognitive function.

Other studies have found that low VOC levels in the atmosphere boost productivity and performance. Activated carbon and HEPA filters in air purifiers are good at trapping gases and particles, reducing pollution in your indoor environment.

If you have company around, you won’t have to worry about them being bothered by smoke or the smell of cooking spices and oil. Air purifiers can help eliminate all odors, leaving your space fresh and clean.

6. Reduce Pollutants Emitted by Fireplaces

If you’re using a fireplace or wood stove, you are inhaling wood smoke contaminants. This might aggravate pre-existing conditions such as asthma or allergies, as well as create a generally uncomfortable environment. An air purifier can help you continue to use your wood stove or fireplace as you like.

7. Control the Effects of Craft Supplies on Air Quality

You have to cope with various substances getting into the air if you or somebody in your home is an artist or crafter. The supplies you use, such as resins, glues, and paints, produce fumes throughout your house. Despite appearing harmless, those airborne compounds have an effect on the quality of your air. Any problems your art supplies can generate can be removed by investing in an air purifier to use in your workshop or throughout your house.

8. Maintain Clean Air During Home Improvement Projects

Home renovations generate dust and introduce other contaminants. Fibers from new carpets, varnishes, stains, paint, commercial adhesives, and other building products have an influence on your indoor air quality. To maintain cleaner air and benefit from healthier air, use an air purifier before, during, and after remodeling.

9. Control Pollution Caused by Attached Garages

You may keep a variety of hazardous materials in your garage. When you start your automobile inside or use such hazardous chemicals, the pollutants can enter your house if you have a connected garage. Air purifiers may remove these hazardous pollutants from your indoor air.

10. Reduce Wildfire Smoke in the Air

If you live in a wildfire-prone location, an air purifier can assist in preserving the air quality in your house. Wildfires, whether small or large, controlled or uncontrolled, can send smoke into your home. Breathing in the smoke might be hazardous to your lungs and heart. A purification system with a HEPA filter will help decrease the indoor pollutants that a wildfire can bring in.

11. Filter Out Industrial and Vehicle Pollution

You’ll need an air purification system if you live close to a busy road or an industrial region. EPA studies have shown that breathing in contaminants from motor vehicles can lead to heart and lung issues. Automobile and industrial pollutants can also aggravate asthma.

12. Control Mold in Rooms

Mold can grow as a result of moisture damage or floods. While you’ll need to handle the issue by making repairs and thoroughly removing the mold, a purification system can still assist in reducing the spread of mold spores. Mold spores go into the atmosphere, which is bad for your health and your house. Use an air purifier in damp areas, such as bathrooms or basements, to help you reduce mold.

13. Remove Dangerous Radon

Radon gas is produced by the breakdown of naturally existing radioactive elements like uranium present in rocks, soil, and water. The odorless and colorless gas can enter your home through cracks in the foundation, walls, and flooring of your home. Radon gas causes cancer by damaging the lungs’ cell linings. Use air purifiers to lessen the danger of radon contamination. Activated carbon and HEPA filters capture radon gas and particles, shielding you from its negative effects.

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