July 1, 2023
Reasons Your AC is Freezing Up and What to Do

On a hot and humid summer day, you might look forward to relaxing in the air conditioning after work, or you may plan to spend a relaxing and cool afternoon at home. A malfunctioning air conditioner, however, can ruin your peace and comfort. When this situation arises, you’ll need to schedule an appointment for service and might need to decide if repairs are warranted or if it’s time to replace the air conditioner.

Professional Guidance

One of the best ways to know if you should repair or replace your air conditioning unit is to simply ask one of our team members. By doing so, you can get professional and honest guidance on which option is right for your home. You can also learn how much more life you might expect to get out of your unit if you opt for repairs instead of replacement. This information allows you to make a sound and informed decision.

Safety Concerns

Make safety a major priority when determining whether to repair or replace the unit. While some issues can be repaired, those fixes might only be temporary. In other words, the problem with safety may come back in a short while. Safety issues, such as electrical problems, that threaten the lives of you and your family warrant a replacement.

Unit’s Age

Another major determining factor is the age of the unit. Replacing a brand-new air conditioner, for example, is typically a frivolous expense. However, you should check if the unit is covered by warranty. In that case, getting a replacement without an additional charge is a possibility. Keep in mind that if your air conditioning unit is already quite old, replacement may be the best option. The unit may be eligible for repairs now, but that status could change soon.

Availability of Replacement Parts

If you have an older air conditioner, replacement parts might be more difficult to find and potentially costlier as a result. You can also ask the technician if the parts are likely to become more challenging or even impossible to procure in the future. Getting a new air conditioner could be the smarter idea so that you’re not in a situation where replacement parts are no longer available.

Status of Your Warranty

You should also check the status of your warranty when deciding between a repair and a replacement. Even when your unit doesn’t require massive repairs right now, you could end up having to pay large sums of money in the future if your warranty is expired. Starting fresh with a new unit and warranty could work well for your budget and your home’s comfort level.

Frequency of Maintenance

Take into account how diligent you’ve been in scheduling regular AC maintenance for your air conditioning. If many years have gone by without maintenance, it may be time to replace the unit to avoid having to deal with the problems that might have been building up.

Cost Considerations

If you’re like many homeowners, cost plays a significant role in any upgrades or replacements. Keep in mind that you should consider the long-term effects in terms of cost as well. For example, having the unit repaired is typically less expensive than purchasing a replacement. However, depending on the state of the unit, you might need to pay for repairs yet again shortly. In short, the unit might keep requiring repairs. Even though you will likely have to spend more money upfront for a replacement, you could save funds over time.

Major Repairs

When you’re thinking about the costs, you should also compare the price of major repairs to the price of a new unit. If your current air conditioner has issues with a big component, such as the compressor, the cost of the repairs might be high. Buying a new unit entirely might not be that much more expensive than repairs. When the prices are close together, consider the benefits of opting for the new unit.

Energy Efficiency

Our team members can also evaluate how energy efficient your current air conditioning unit is. If your air conditioner is using up an excessive amount of energy, getting repairs might not be worth it. Instead of putting money toward repairs, you could purchase a new unit that is more energy efficient. Opting for a more energy-efficient model can help you to save on monthly bills as well.

Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can lead to or exacerbate health issues for you and your loved ones. Our staff members can conduct an indoor air quality check and determine if your air conditioner is contributing to any issues. In such cases, replacement may be the best option. Repairs might temporarily resolve the issues with air quality, but the hazards could soon return.

Comfort Level

Depending upon the age and condition of your air conditioner, the unit may simply not be able to function at maximum capacity. While the technicians might be able to make repairs to keep the unit safe and functional, the system could lack the ability to get your house as cool as you want the space to be. The purpose of an air conditioner is to keep you comfortable on hot days, and if the unit isn’t able to serve its purpose, replacement is likely the better option.

Future Housing Plans

You should also factor in how long you’re planning to live in the house. If you’re going to put the house on the market soon, spending the money on a brand-new air conditioning unit may very well not be worth it. Of course, you also have to consider the condition the unit is in. An air conditioning unit in bad shape might mean that your house is less attractive to potential buyers and that you can’t get the sale price that you want. Checking out comparable sales in the neighborhood can give you a sense of what choice makes the most financial sense.

Repairable Issues

Some issues with air conditioning units can be reasonably repaired. For example, the unit might have a minor leak that our team members can take care of. The unit might also have suffered minor physical damage during a storm or cold winter. In addition to getting the repair work done, you can also learn how to prevent these problems from happening again in the future.

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